Human Resources Policy

Our human resources policy is based on respect for the individual, participation and responsibility, openness to innovative and creative thinking, and ensuring the continuous development of human resources.

As Arel Enerji, we believe that the path to success is through the significant contribution of each employee within the framework of their own work. We endeavour to support the active participation of our employees in production and decision-making processes and to provide the necessary opportunities in this direction.

We aim to create a dynamic team that is open to development and eager to improve itself, and with this dynamic team we have created, we aim to always move our success graph upwards by serving at global standards.

Open Position

Jobs and Internship Opportunities

As Arel Enerji, we meet our human resources needs in line with our strategic plans and targets. During the selection and placement process carried out by our expert team, we evaluate all candidate employee and intern applications in line with the principle of equality. We aim to provide a qualified working experience for both our employees and interns.